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14/03/2011 / stjornmal

How is the internet changing the relationship between the media and politics?

With communication sites such as Facebook and Twitter becoming more and more popular, the media is forced to change. The way we read news articles has changed drastically and we are now able to share the ones that appeal to us, with our friends online. The same thing applies to political parties. Most of them have websites that are easily accessible and they have the people within the party updating the sites regularly with news of the parties’ activities or the parties stand on current events. In that way the political parties also reach more people in a more effective way.

But how is the internet changing the relationship between the media and politics?

The internet is a very large scene for political parties to plead their case and lure in young undecided voters. Of course every political party has a certain tie to a certain media but over the internet it is very different. Anyone can create an account for a Facebook page or a Twitter page. And we have seen political parties more visible on these social networking sites over the past few years.

Important members of the parties have also given in to this demand and created accounts for themselves and there they air their own personal view on current affairs. By doing so the public gets to know the candidates view on certain issues better than perhaps during an interview in the local newspaper. Also, this is a great chance for the candidate to gain more votes for himself from people who like what they see on his or hers social networking site.

Many newspapers have reduced the number of printed copies in the light of increased internet use. But how can you be sure that the information or even the news you get online are reliable? Anyone can post something on the internet.

I do hope we won´t see the end of printed newspapers anytime soon. There is nothing that compares with the smell of a newly printed paper telling you all about what happened in the world the day before.






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  1. Ingi / Mar 14 2011 21:02

    Do you read any newspapers on a daily basis?

  2. stjornmal / Mar 14 2011 21:07

    I would love to be able to read newspapers on a daily basis, but I have to admit I don´t. However I do click through the internet versions everyday.


  3. Simon Barker / Mar 16 2011 00:46

    I would say the same about the smell and feel of a newspaper…but I too do most of my newspaper reading online – so it seems we can get by without the tactile qualities. Though it seems awful that we should – not to mention the difficulties that this raises for the newspapers in terms of financial models. Not only are the print newspapers under threat, but the entire journalistic machine that accompanies them. I at least am somewhat worried by that possibility, I’m sure not convinced yet that twitter is a good replacement!

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