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14/03/2011 / stjornmal

Natural disaster in HD

Japan is now fighting a battle on two fronts, trying to avoid a nuclear catastrophe and saving people from wrecked houses caused by the epic earthquake and the tsunami that followed. Day’s before the natural disaster, support rate for the Japanese government dropped from 26% to 20% and 49% of those asked wanted the Prime Minister Naoto Kan to resign as soon as possible. (source) It will be interesting to see if the Japanese people will now unite behind the Prime Minister and how the support rate will develop.

In the video below we see the mighty power of a tsunami. The video is from a Japanese television station and was put on Youtube on March 11th.

One could ask what the cars are doing there on the roads, why are they not driving at full speed away from the tsunami? Maybe the drivers are looking for loved ones and hysteria has taken over. I can’t imagine what I’d do if something like this would happen here in Iceland and I knew that members of my family or friends where stuck at home. For example, see the car at 6:55, going 180 degrees instead of just turning to the left. I guess no one will know what happened to the person driving that car or if it had any passengers other than the driver.

Absolutely horrible, there are really no words to describe this.

This shows how the media is rapidly changing. We have constant updates from all around the world, in form of videos, pictures and of course just plain text. This must be the first tsunami broadcasted live on television (and on the Internet) for all people to watch. More and more videos are being uploaded each day to sites like Youtube, Facebook, DailyMotion and Vimeo. First person view on natural disasters, protests and other breaking news stories.


Do you see the cat running at 2:05-2:26? Running for it’s life but loses the battle – swallowed by the sea.



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  1. Hrafnhildur / Mar 14 2011 15:25

    OMG, The poor cat.

    But this video is AWESOME. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  2. Vallý / Mar 15 2011 11:09

    I did not see the cat 😦

  3. Simon Barker / Mar 16 2011 00:40

    I don’t know if I can watch it now you have mentioned the cat. My girlfriend and I were trying to convince ourselves that Japan had no cats today. Strange how that makes it even more awful.

    The nuclear saga is an interesting one from the perspective of the internet/politics question. How much would we know about this potential second disaster (man-made though to some degree) without the availability of information through the internet?
    (Although having said that, we would not be getting anywhere near this amount of information without traditional reporters working at ground zero – often in places where communication lines are otherwise totally dead)

    As you point out as well it will be interesting to see how the nation does or does not rally behind an unpopular prime minister at this time.

    (It does make me feel a little sick to be saying things like ‘it will be interesting’ in relation to something so monumental and tragic.)

  4. stjornmal / Mar 16 2011 20:20

    According to this news story ( Tashirojima (often called Cat Island) is ok after the tsunami!


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