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14/03/2011 / stjornmal

The Ox Walk

Voters want ‘ox-walk’ damages
Friday, 10 July 1992

TOKYO (Reuter) – Three Japanese voters are suing the government for 1 yen (less than 1p) in damages for ‘mental injuries’ caused by media coverage of a recent parliamentary battle, the Japan Times said yesterday. The paper said the three suffered unbearable mental anguish from reports of the opposition’s ‘ox-walk’ tactics – a bizarre filibuster used to delay passage of a controversial troops bill.

Socialists and Communists used the ‘ox-walk’, in which each MP walks to vote at a snail’s pace, to keep parliament in permanent session for more than three days. But the government pushed through the measure, which will allow it to send troops abroad as peace-keepers. Michio Yano, a plaintiff, said the extra time parliament was in session would cost taxpayers Y100m ( pounds 420,000), adding: ‘I don’t want any more tax money to be wasted.’


And here we have a video demonstration of the ox walk. I’m waiting for the day this will be introduced in Iceland!



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  1. Simon Barker / Mar 16 2011 00:34

    Haha. Very nice. This is the best argument for the positive value of the internet in regards to politics that I have seen.

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