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15/03/2011 / stjornmal

Chrome and the NY Times

Do you use the Google Chrome browser? If the answer is yes I’d like to recommend to you, the reader of this post, the special version of the New York Times written especially for Chrome. If the answer is no I recommend that you download the browser and start using it.

When you visit the special edition of, right click on the tab and select ‘Pin Tab’. Then slide it all the way to the left and keep it there. Chrome will then let you know when breaking news stories happen. Great feature.

To browse through news stories or sections, you can either use the mouse or just use the arrows on your keyboard.




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  1. Simon Barker / Mar 16 2011 00:42

    Yep this is great. I have been using it for a while. Salon magazine also has quite a good app, as does The (Aol) Huffington Post

  2. Hanna Ragnheiður / Mar 16 2011 01:26

    Thanks for the tip, I am downloading right now 🙂

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