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17/03/2011 / stjornmal

Internet exploitation

As I talked about in my previous blog, the internet is becoming more and more important in the political field. Politicians are using the internet, either to connect with supporters or promoting themselves to gain more support.

But do politicians only use the internet for good or does the internet offer a way for them to manipulate public opinion?

Of course it depends on the politicians themselves, but the constantly hardening battle of promoting themselves can push them in an inappropriate direction. The internet offers a simpler way to get public attention and of course to spread rumors about their components, faster than ever.

The internet has good sides, and it has bad sides. It rests upon people’s conscience which side they choose to use to reach to the public.  Communication websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. can easily be exploited when one sets out to do so. Whether it is to promote oneself or to destroy someone’s reputation.

Public opinion can be changed fast and people seldom check facts when hearing or seeing something published on the internet. Damaging someone’s reputations is there for easier than ever. Yet, it is also easier for the one damaged to repair his or her reputation by taking actions on the internet and use it to prevent further damage.


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